Gloucestershire cattle farmers Paul and Kirsty Westaway produce the best beef in the world – and that’s official!

Paul and Kirsty Westaway – developing relationships with the people who enjoy their beef

In a recent blind taste trial carried out by EBLEX, which compared steaks from around the world – including the USA, South America and Australia – their beef came out top.

Paul and Kirsty moved to the 53ha (130acre) county council farm in 2006 with a wheel barrow, an overdraft and little else. Starting with six pedigree Aberdeen Angus cows, there are now more than 200 animals on the farm, including Aberdeen Angus bulls ranked top in the world for key aspects of quality meat production.

Paul’s pedigree Aberdeen Angus cows spend all year outside on pasture

“There is no doubt in my mind that Aberdeen Angus is the best meat breed there is,” says Paul. “And by using the best genetics available, we can produce cattle that deliver a consistently high quality product. This means consumers get the same exceptional experience every time they sit down to eat it.”

Until now all the beef Paul produces, which comes from cattle that have spent at least six months grazing pasture, is sold to high class restaurants in London.

A new retailing business launched on their farm last Friday, will offer the chance to expand their business and develop closer relationships with customers.

Eating in – the new eating out

‘Paul and Kirsty’s Perfect Night In’ is an on-line store selling premium quality, 28-day aged, Aberdeen Angus steak, matched with exclusive artisan wines chosen to match the particular cut being eaten. They are being promoted as the ideal ingredients for a sociable, evening-in with friends – simple to cook, impressive to serve and delicious to eat.

Aberdeen Angus rib-eye steak is matched to a full-bodied red wine to complement the robust flavours

Aberdeen Angus rib-eye steak is matched to a full-bodied red wine to complement the robust flavours

“We wanted to offer a complete meal package which is why we have teamed up with a local wine expert,” explains Paul.

“Full-bodied reds can overwhelm a delicate fillet steak, whereas a rib-eye needs a deep, rich wine to complement the robust flavours. The wines have been sourced from small independent vineyards across Europe and, like our meat, can only be bought through us.”

At the launch, celebrity cookery writer and TV presenter Sophie Grigson raved about the ‘Perfect Night In’ she had had in with her son, trying out one of Paul and Kirsty’s packages.

‘The meal was quick and simple to put together and the gorgeous steak was juicy, tasty and tender,” she said. “I like the fact there was a cooking DVD inside for people to follow. Sometimes people get anxious when faced with a beautiful piece of meat – they don’t want to ruin it.”

Steak and wine packages can be ordered at or call 01531 890652.

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