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Mend leaking troughs to save water

Jim Paice MP, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food launched LEAF’s latest farm management tool yesterday in London.

The Water Management Tool helps farmers review their use of water and look at ways to conserve this precious yet vital commodity. In doing so they are also very likely to cut their water usage and input costs.

All producers could benefit from more efficient water use – not just those that irrigate potatoes or other crops.

Looking after soils to increase water holding capacity will allow livestock farmers to grow more grass. Mending leaking troughs will save money and water, and where stock is housed save on straw too. Are parlour washing procedures as water efficient as they could be on dairy farms?

In summing up the conference the Rt Hon Michael Jack urged farmers to make the most of all resources on the farm – both free and paid for.

He said that the price of water is undoubtedly going to go up in future, and that we need to find smarter ways of using it.

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