Meadow Walks

Cow parsley - a feature of many a meadow walk Bee orchids Musk mallow

Bird’s foot trefoil, crested dog’s tail, devil’s bit scabious and pignut are evocative names for just a few of the beautiful wildflowers that once commonly grew in Britain’s meadows.

Sadly, just 2% of these diverse and interesting fields remain – lost to 20th century production-driven farming and urban development.

However, there are pockets of loveliness still to be found, explored and admired. They offer a glimpse of the magic of species-rich grasslands, teeming with insects and bees.

I am lucky enough to live close to water meadows, which I walk through every day with the dogs. I watch the re-awakening of many grasses and wildflowers in spring, witness their full summer glory and then watch them die back down to the ground for winter. It is a fascinating, often breath-taking cycle.

Meadow walks for all
I am hoping to offer people the chance to visit meadows like these during the flowering season, with discussions and simple identification techniques – so hopefully everyone who comes can go away knowing their bird’s foot trefoil from their pignut!

Watch this space for details of Meadow Walks coming up in 2017.


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