100% Grass-Fed Meat

Pasture for Life certification Mark‘Pasture for Life’, 100% grass-fed meat is delicious, ethical and guilt-free – truly the best meat you can buy.

This is because the animals have only ever eaten grass and pasture. On most farms cattle and sheep are now offered cereal grains to fatten them more quickly. But this type of feeding soon takes away all the consumer health benefits a natural grass-based diet gives.

Farmers and butchers who sell ‘Pasture for Life’ meat have been independently certified on behalf of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association. They are awarded the right to display the ‘Pasture for Life’ logo on their packaging and promotions.

Passionate farmers
‘Pasture for Life’ farmers are passionate about how they farm – using sustainable practices and taking great care of their animals, soils and the countryside.

They are friendly, knowledgeable, happy people, who love what they are doing.

Every month I will be highlighting one ‘Pasture for Life’ farmer here – telling their story, talking about their meat and encouraging you to give them a try.

Deersbrook Farm
Braintree, Essex

Anna Blumfield's cows and calvesThese cattle have only ever eaten grassAnna tempting potential customers with meat

Anna and Phil run their farm in the beautiful Essex countryside. Their family has farmed for generations and is now producing high quality native, pasture-fed beef.

They favour Sussex cattle due to their docile nature and meat quality. They have a prize-winning bull and a herd of 40 cows and heifers. The cattle slowly mature on grazing land, naturally on the farm delivering prime succulent, well-marbled meat that is full of flavour. Just how beef should taste.

They mature the meat naturally on the bone, dry aging for at least 28 days. This benefits the meat, resulting a rich flavoursome beef that is beautifully tender.

Anna sells individual cuts, as well as a variety of meat boxes, either online or direct from the farm.

“We are very proud to be producing certified ‘Pasture for Life’ beef, and hoping, in the not too distant future, to increase the numbers in our 100 per cent grass-fed herd.”

I met Anna at a local farmers market in the spring and bought a beautiful piece of Côte de Boeuf. I even went out and bought a special frying pan with a handle that can go into the oven, to cook it in.

Anna advised me to sear the meat on both sides for a few minutes and then pop it into a hot oven for about 30 to 40 minutes for medium.

It looked and tasted divine. Succulent and fresh tasting, yet with a deep, rich flavour too. Perfect for Sunday dinner, with left overs eaten on Monday and Tuesday!

Contact Anna at:
Deersbrook Farm
Littles Lane, Shalford Green
Essex, CM7 5AZ

Telephone: 01371 850671
Mobile: 07766 543493
Email: deersbrookfarm@btinternet.com

Or buy online at Deersbrook Farm.

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