Mary Quicke makes gorgeous clothbound cheeses on her family farm in Devon

Mary Quicke’s Diary is always a satisfying read, as much as eating her award winning cheeses!

Monthly updates on what is happening in Devon, inform her customers about life on the farm in easy-to-understand, often evocative language.

Like this one about her cows this month…

The spring cows are now all in calf, fattening on the clovery grass, and producing beautifully balanced, scented milk.  Life is sweet, coats are shining, drier grass gives less mouthfuls to get a full belly. 

And this month she talks about the grass…

Grass grows fast in the last of the warmth, and will help keep the cows grazing as late into the winter as possible.  It’ll keep growing until frosts come and chill the ground.

We work out which are the first fields to stop grazing, which will be the first fields to turn the cows out to graze in February. So oddly we shut up the driest fields first, because these will be the easiest to use at that difficult time of year. It is so important to get the cows out early to get the grazed grass flavour into the milk.

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